‘Life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10), which focuses on educating the whole child, underpins our school vision. At South Bersted Church of Primary School, we aim to achieve the highest possible standards for all learners.


Effective teaching and a creative, child centered curriculum, together with an emphasis on Christian values and beliefs, enables all learners to recognise and achieve high standards. Pupils are encouraged to embrace challenges and become lifelong learners in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. We are committed to enriching pupils’ moral and spiritual development inspiring all to become caring, responsible 21st century global citizens.

School Values

The school’s values are distinctively Christian and have been selected to drive the school’s vision. Each half term, we focus on each of our values through our Collective Worships and whole school events.

Koinonia Reverence
Friendship/ Forgiveness Endurance
Hope Justice

To measure the impact of our values, at the end of each half term, our pupils complete a whole class reflection sheet focused on head, heart and feet.

What has the value made you think about?
What has the value made you feel?
What will you change based on what you have learnt about this value?

Further explanation of Christian values can be obtained from: http://christianvaluesforschools.com