Research suggests that children who read for pleasure perform significantly better academically than their peers across the curriculum.

Studies show that reading fluency is vital for reading comprehension. This is because a fluent reading style frees the child from focusing on word recognition and decoding and their attention can be redirected towards comprehending the text.

Did you know that by reading for just 20 minutes a day, it is estimated that a child will be exposed to 1.8 million words?

We are often asked which books we recommend for each year group. Below you can find a list of suggested books for different year groups.

100 Books To Read In KS1

100 Books To Read In Years 3 and 4

100 Books To Read Before You Leave Year 6

South Bersted Book Shelf

When listening to your child read, please write in their Reading Record. To support you in asking age appropriate questions, please use your child’s South Bersted Reading Book Mark.