In their final year at South Bersted Church of England Primary School, we continue to develop pupils’ personal, emotional, spiritual and intellectual resilience, with a rich and cross-curricular approach. Year 6 provides pupils with the opportunity to take on a wider range of responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Junior Governor, Chair of the School Council and Future Flyers, preparing pupils for the next step in their education.

Please view the Year 6 Meet and Greet video for this academic year. The video provides you with key information regarding your child’s curriculum for the academic year.

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Autumn Term

During the first half of the Autumn Term, pupils consider the impact and rise of technology through their topic Robotic Revolutions. They debate the negatives and benefits of technology on our everyday lives, whilst considering a world where teachers are robots. In addition to this, pupils explore computer programming using Python. During this half term, pupils will also respond to Shaun Tan’s prize winning text The Lost Thing, in which a boy befriends a fantastical red creature which appears to be lost.

After half-term, pupils explore the causes of the Second World War and will recognise how the country prepared for the conflict. Pupils will take on the role of an evacuee, writing letters to their parents and creating their own Anderson or Morrison Shelter as part of their Design and Technology focus. In addition to this, pupils will deepen their understanding of continents and countries across the world and their involvement during the Second World War, including the axis of power.

Beyond the Lines

Spring Term

The Spring Term begins with pupils deepening their understanding of the Second World War by studying the text The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Pupils learn about the impact of the Holocaust and the key events that lead to the end of the Second World War. To conclude the topic, they will hold their own VE Street Party and become journalists by reporting on this event!

Year 6 – Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser

Pupils enter the world of Heroes and Villains by studying Touching the Void and the short animation, The Piano. Following this, pupils will then study the intriguing narrative poem, ‘The Highway Man’ by Alfred Noyes (1880 – 1958)before learning about the hero Beowulf and his dedication to defeat the vile beast Grendel.

Year 6 – Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser

Summer Term

During the summer term, the children sit the Year 6 National Curriculum Tests (NCTs) in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Maths. To conclude the topic, Heroes and Villains, pupils will enter the world of Shakespeare by studying Macbeth. Pupils consider Macbeth’s motives and his desire to become King. They will respond to the key events of the narrative by holding a court case to decide who was responsible for the death of King Duncan.

To support pupils in their transition to Year 7, they will study the text Wonder by R J Palacio. Pupils will reflect on their achievements and the achievements of their peers and how they can use these as a springboard for future success. Pupils also visit Fairthorne Manor for their Year 6 Residential.

SATS Meeting PowerPoint

Year 6 SATS Meeting