Welcome to the Year 2 Class Page.  We have all settled in really well to start the new year. We have now begun our new topic – ‘What does it mean to persevere?’  We are all working hard to work as a team and support each other.

Please view the Year 2 Meet and Greet video for this academic year. The video provides you with key information regarding your child’s curriculum for the academic year.

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Autumn Term

What makes a good Pirate?

During the second half of the Autumn term we will be immersing the children in the life of pirates!  They will enjoy a visit from Pearl the Pirate and become pirates for the day themselves.  We will also be deepening their understanding of the local area and pupils will solve weekly problems from Pirate Pearl.  They will classify human and physical features of the school grounds before exploring the local community.  To deepen their understanding of the world and continents further, pupils will piece Pirate Pearl’s maps back together.

Spring Term

Spring 1 – Who Rules our Land?

We will begin the Spring term by exploring changes in living memory, researching and learning about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.   We will learn about the royal family and will write letters to Her Majesty the Queen.  We will learn about our capital city and the significant landmarks in London by reading a story entitled ‘A Walk in London’ and ‘Katie in London’.  Another exciting new experience this term will be the children learning basic sewing stitches using Binca.  Once they have mastered a range of basic stitches we then hope to create a handkerchief.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 1

Spring 2 – Why are Castles Important?

Our first Year 2 trip will take place during this half term with a visit to Arundel Castle.  The children will experience what it was like to live and work in this huge and magnificent castle and will have the chance to be involved in role play.  The will also have the opportunity to visit parts of the castle which are not open to the general public!  We will also have a visit from Knight Night who will set pupils clear challenge to deepen their understanding of the four countries and the capital cities that make up the United Kingdom.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 2

Summer Term

Summer 1 – What makes a good Secret Agent?

This half term we will focus on traditional tales with a twist!  As part of our Geography work we will be taking on the role of secret agents, using clues from the past to draw conclusions about Bognor Regis during the time of Sir Richard Hotham.  Using Google Earth and other maps, pupils will be able to identify key landmarks in Bognor Regis.  Pupils will apply what they have learnt, presenting their research in a variety of ways to summarise what they have learnt as a secret agent.

Summer 2 – Why are Bees Important?

Our final topic of the year will focus on the huge environmental issue of the decline of bees.  We will take a visit to West Dean Gardens to see the bees in the wonderful flower gardens there and enjoy learning about the vast array of plants and flowers.  We will also focus on where our water comes from, before identifying where the largest rivers in the world can be located.  To deepen their understanding of human and physical features, pupils will visit the River Lavant.  During our trip to West Dean Gardens we will also look at the tributaries to the streams within the gardens.  In learning about bees, pupils will learn more about where food comes from and the importance of bees in pollination.  The children will have the opportunity to design their own ‘Insect Hotels’.  In addition to this, they will design and create their own small world gardens as part of a Home Learning project for our end of term exhibition.