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Year 2 Meet and Greet Presentation 2022

Year 2 End of Key Stage Assessments Presentation

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Autumn Term

What is it like to live on an island?

During the first half of the Autumn term we will be looking at what it is like to live on an island!  We will be deepening our understanding of the local area, classifying human and physical features of the school grounds before exploring the local community using simple maps to support our learning.

To deepen our understanding of the world and continents further, pupils will learn about this element of Geography before making a comparison between the island we live on and the islands of the Caribbean.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 1

What does it mean to succeed?

During the second half of the Autumn term, we will be learning about perseverance and what it takes to succeed.  We immerse ourselves in the life of Rosa Parks through drama and large scale timeline work to help us to understand the significance of Rosa Parks as a historical person.  Her perseverance in times of great challenge will no doubt inspire our children in the knowledge that small changes can make a big difference.

We will also look at the key text – ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and think about how important it is to not ‘quit’ but to persevere even when times are challenging. The rewards of perseverance far outweigh the challenges.

In learning about the importance of persevering pupils will also deepen their understanding of a Growth Mindset and the difference this can make when we face challenges.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 2

Spring Term

Spring 1 – How has Butlins helped to make Bognor Regis the seaside town it is today?

The Spring term brings an exciting topic based around the famous Butlins resort.  The children will review their understanding of where in the world we live and then look more closely at the history behind Butlins resorts and the man behind Butlins, Sir Billy Butlin.

The children will enjoy looking at how the resort has changed over the years and the impact Butlins has on Bognor Regis as a seaside town.  This topic will build on work undertaken in Year 1 and develop the pupils skills in using evidence to draw conclusions about the past.  We would hope to visit the resort during this topic to further enhance our understanding of how Butlins helps to develop the place we all live.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 1

Spring 2 – Who Rules our Land?

We will begin the Spring term by exploring changes in living memory, researching and learning about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III.   We will learn about the Royal Family and will write letters to His Majesty the King.  We have been really proud in the past in receiving a reply from the palace too! We will learn about our capital city and the significant landmarks in London by reading a story entitled ‘A Walk in London’ and ‘Katie in London’.

We will also be learning about the countries of the United Kingdom over which our King rules.  We will learn about main features and capital cities.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 2

Summer Term

Summer 1 – Where  Shall I build My Castle?

This half term we will be visiting Arundel Castle.

The children will experience what it was like to live and work in this huge and magnificent castle and will have the chance to be involved in role play.  They will also have the opportunity to visit parts of the castle which are not open to the general public! The children will have the challenge of planning, creating and evaluating their own drawbridges as part of their Design Technology work.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Summer 1

Summer 2 – Why are Bees Important?

Our final topic of the year will focus on the huge environmental issue of the decline of bees.  We will take a visit to West Dean Gardens to see the bees in the wonderful flower gardens there and enjoy learning about the vast array of plants and flowers.  We will also focus on where our water comes from, before identifying where the largest rivers in the world can be located.  To deepen their understanding of human and physical features, pupils will visit the River Lavant.  During our trip to West Dean Gardens we will also look at the tributaries to the streams within the gardens.  In learning about bees, pupils will learn more about where food comes from and the importance of bees in pollination.

The children will have the opportunity to see bees working in a section of a hive brought in by a local beekeeper.  Hopefully they will even get to see the Queen bee!  As part of this topic we will end the year by embarking on an act of ‘Courageous Advocacy’ where we will look at ways to enhance our immediate and local environment and make a change, no matter how small!

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser – Summer 2