As part of the school’s vision, we aim to provide a child-centred approach through ensuring that all children have an active voice in the decisions that impact them, they have the experiences to be advocates for positive change and that they take on a range of leadership roles. Pupils as leaders is a key aspect of our Learning for Life Curriculum.

By viewing the tabs on the right-hand-side you will be able to view the impact of our pupils across the school and within the community.

What pupils say about the school

“We do fun things like going on a dinosaur hunt and finding a hot air balloon.”

‘We are a church school and always work together.’

‘The learning is such fun and we get to do outdoor learning and cooking not just things in the classroom.’

‘We talk about issues and charities and do something to support them.’

 ‘Everyone has their own voice.’

 ‘The school is welcoming and we are all treated equally.’