In Year 4, pupils will have the opportunity to face new challenges and apply what they have learnt to a range of contexts. During Year 4, pupils will also have the opportunity in the summer term to camp overnight.  Pupils will also explore and play a range of rhymes using African drums.

Please view the Year 4 Meet and Greet presentation for this academic year.  The presentation provides you with key information regarding your child’s curriculum for the academic year.

Year 4 Meet and Greet Presentation 2022

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Also during Year 4, pupils will complete the MTC (Multiplication Tables Check).  The presentation below provides further information about the MTC.

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

Autumn Term

During the first weeks of the Autumn Term, pupils will learn about the achievements of one of the earliest civilizations: The Ancient Egyptians. Pupils will have the opportunity to become archaeologists as they join Howard Carter on his exciting expedition to unearth the tomb of the of the boy king – Tutankhamun! Through discovering a range of artefacts, pupils will create their own Egyptian jewellery.

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 1

Pupils will also explore the ancient wonders of the world: the Pyramids, and learn about the significance of the River Nile.  In learning about the River Nile, pupils will develop their understanding of the physical geography of rivers.  This will include some fieldwork linked to local rivers.  Pupils will create their own shaduf and use it to transport water just like the Ancient Egyptians.

In the second half of the term, pupils will learn about the origins of the Vikings and the different routes they chose when invading England. Pupils will learn about the invasion of Lindisfarne and the resistance of Alfred the Great and the key battles.

In art, pupils will tie dye their own t-shirts, learning how to make different patterns.

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 2

Spring Term

At the start of the Spring term pupils will focus on the mountainous regions of our world.  They will locate these areas on a map, deepening their understanding of continents and countries before exploring how these mountains formed.  They will consider the climate of these regions and what it is like to live there, including the effect this may have on tourism.

This will lead pupils to look a the plight of some of the animals that live in these areas.

In science, pupils will describe the simple functions of the digestive system.

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 1

Pupils begin their new topic in the second half of the Spring term by taking part in the War of the Roses.

Pupils will become members of the House of York or House of Lancaster and will learn about key events which defined the start of the Tudor period. During the term, pupils will learn about Tudor punishments and the reign of Henry VIII.

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 2

To deepen pupils understanding of the King Henry VIII war ship – the Mary Rose – pupils will visit Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.  During the topic, pupils will develop their sewing skills by creating a money pouch.

Finally, to conclude the topic, pupils will hold a Tudor banquet!

Summer Term

The Summer Term begins by pupils learning about the Earth’s structure and how the shifting of tectonic plates can cause earthquakes, tsunami’s and the formation of volcanoes.  In deepening their understanding of the world, pupils will be able to identify the ‘ring of fire.’

Pupils will be able to discuss the benefits and consequences of farming on a volcano and the precautions that have been put in place since the earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004.

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser – Summer 1

During the final weeks of the Summer Term, pupils will apply to be a member of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to cross the continent of Antarctica.

They will consider their personal qualities and what they will need to be part of his crew.  In setting sail, pupils will face many challenges aboard the Endurance.  They will consider whether Earnest Shackleton was a good leader.

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser – Summer 2