As the children move from Early Years to Year 1, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible for them. We believe in ensuring there is a clear balance of practical and physical activities that supports pupils in moving towards a more formal and structured school day. Each day, the children will take part in phonics lessons and they will be split into groups based on the phonic phase they are working at.

Please view the Year 1 Meet and Greet presentation for this academic year.  This will provide you with key information regarding your child’s curriculum for the academic year.

Year 1 Meet and Greet Presentation 2022

If you have any questions regards the presentation, please email the school office so the questions can be collated and added to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Autumn Term

During the first few weeks of the Autumn Term, pupils will learn all about themselves  through our topic ‘What is it like to be in Year 1?‘, finding out what makes them unique and the similarities and differences we have with each other.  Children will learn about the importance of teamwork and communication.

In Science, pupils will identify and name key parts of the human body as well as

knowing which body part is responsible for each of the senses.

During the second part of the Autumn Term, pupils will travel back in time to learn about toys of the past in their topic ‘How Have Toys Changed’.  Pupils will visit the Toy and Model Museum in Brighton where they will take part in a range of workshops.  Parents and grandparents will also be invited to our Toy Discovery Afternoon to share their toys of the past.

During this topic we look at the book ‘Traction Man’ and join him on some action adventures around the classroom.

In DT, pupils will design and create their own moving vehicle toy.

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1 and 2

Spring Term

During the Spring Term our big question is How did the Great Fire of London change the way we live?.  We learn about some of the key landmarks in London and what London is like today.  We find out about London in the past and how it has changed.  We will go on some adventures around London with both Thomas the Tank Engine and Paddington Bear.

We then move on to learn about how firefighters have changed over the years, looking at what life was like on the night of the Great Fire of London.   We use drama to help us retell the sequence of events.  We have an imaginary visit from Samuel Pepys himself, and learn about his very famous diary.  We will also create our own diaries.

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser – Spring

In computing, pupils will program Bee Bots to complete a set route to certain landmarks around London.

During the second half of the term, pupils will learn about different materials and their suitability and learn how this contributed to the Great Fire spreading.  Pupils will deepen their understanding of different house types and materials by visiting the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

As part of learning about how the Great Fire started the children are given the opportunity to make their own bread roll.

In Art the children will explore a range of media and then create an image of the houses burning in the flames.

Summer Term

The Summer Term begins with the topic ‘What Is It Like To Live On The Coast?   Pupils will learn about the Lighthouse Keeper’s daughter Grace Darling.  In addition to this, pupils will develop their geographical skills by naming and locating different seaside towns around the United Kingdom.  We follow this up with a trip to the beach to identify all the landmarks we have learned about e.g. pier, coast, promenade etc.

During the Summer Term, pupils will also take the Phonics Screening Test.

Phonics Workshop Jan 2022

By visiting the learning tab on the school’s website you will be able to find videos for further information.

In science, pupils will identify the basic structure of common plants and trees.  We also look in detail at our school environment and think of ways we could improve it.

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser – Summer 1

The second part of the summer term is all about life in Kenya, Africa. We board an imaginary plane to Africa and go on a safari using maps and plans to mark where we located the animals on our checklist.

We look at the story Handa’s Hen and learn about African animals and the African landscape and people.  We then begin to look at meerkats and follow Sunny the Meerkat on his holiday adventures.  We write postcards to him explaining how life is different in the UK compared to Kenya.

In DT, we make fruit smoothies, learning how to use a knife safely to cut the fruit.

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser – Summer 2