Year 5 marks the start of the pupils’ journey into upper Key Stage 2. In Year 5, pupils continue to build on their learning from previous year groups and consider a range of global issues and the impact we have on the world.

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Year 5 Meet and Greet Presentation 2022

Autumn Term

Our BIG question for the start of Autumn Term is ‘What Does The Future Of Space Exploration Look Like?’ 

During the first half of the Autumn term, pupils learn about the historical achievements of Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11, as well as the achievements of British astronauts Tim Peake and Helen Sharmen.   In Science, pupils will be learning about the movement of the Earth and other planets within our solar system.  A class visit to Chichester Planetarium will help to deepen pupils’ understanding in explaining the Earth’s rotation and how this causes day and night.

Man Lands on the Moon

Once pupils have learnt about the past, they will consider what the future holds for space exploration by learning about recent achievements before answering their BIG question.

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 1

After half-term, pupils will consider the BIG question, Are We Destroying Our Planet?’  They will learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the devastating impact of plastic in our oceans.  They will also learn how we recycle materials by visiting the Ford Materials Recycling Centre, and will debate and suggest how we can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic damaging our environment.  Through reading the text ‘Varmints’ by Helen Ward, pupils will then write their own narrative.

In considering the positive impact of electric cars, pupils will use a computer programme to design their own electric cars before creating a proto-type that includes an electrical circuit.

Year 5 – Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2

Spring Term

In the Spring Term, pupils will investigate their BIG question, ‘Would we survive an ancient civilisation?’.  This term sees a focus on the rise and fall of the Mesoamerican civilization, the Mayans. Pupils will begin the topic by learning about the artist, architect and explorer Fredrick Catherwood. In learning about the Mayans, they will research many of their traditions, gods and significant achievements. Pupils will also make comparisons of the Mayan’s pyramids to those of the Ancient Egyptians.

In English, pupils will explore the text ‘The Explorer‘ and will consider the characteristics that were needed of young explorers.

In Art and Design, pupils will create their own Mayan masks using paper mache.

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 1

After half term, pupils will then reflect and consider the impact of tourism on Chichen Itza as part of their BIG question, ‘What Is It Like To Live In Mexico?’.  As part of this, they will learn about modern day Mexico. In doing so, pupils will make comparisons between England and Mexico.

In art, pupils will learn about the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and create their own self-portraits.

To conclude the term and building on the theme of chocolate, pupils will learn about the foundation Fair Trade during our topic ‘Should we buy Fairtrade products?’.  Pupils will organise, prepare and facilitate their own Fair Trade café with the key purpose of raising the communities’ awareness of the foundation and the role it plays in improving trade deals and working conditions for farmers. Pupils will plan, design and create their own products to sell in their Fair Trade Café, supported by their own TV advert.

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 2

Summer Term

To begin the Summer Term, pupils will look into the BIG question, ‘How Did The Ancient Greeks Change The World?’.  Pupils will deepen their understanding of chronology by identifying when the Ancient Greeks lived. Through drama and other creative approaches the children will explore some key myths and write their own Greek myth style story.

Pupils will use clay to design, create and evaluate their own Greek pottery.

Pupils will deepen their understanding of Democracy.

In computing, pupils will further develop their programming abilities by creating their own game linked to the Greek myth ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’.

Year 5 – Knowledge Organiser Summer 1

To conclude the year, during our topic ‘Are all coastal locations the same?’ pupils will learn how erosion affects our coastline. As part of the topic, we will develop our understanding of coastal erosion and the measures humans put in place to prevent it. To support this, we will go to Bognor beach to see examples of coastal defences as well as use Google Earth to look at other measures in place in different coastal locations. In addition, we will be looking at ways to increase tourism by designing and making an automata toy.

Year 5 – Knowledge Organiser Summer 2