Mental Health Ambassadors – Training for Pupils

We are working with the Thought-Full (Mental Health Support in Schools Team, West Sussex County Council) to provide emotional, health and wellbeing support for our children.

As part of our Whole School Approach, we will be delivering Mental Health Ambassador training to a group of interested pupils around Health and Wellbeing.  Currently this is being offered to upper KS2 pupils.

An overview of the content that will be covered as part of the training is as follows:

  1. What is emotional wellbeing?
  2. The role of the wellbeing champion
  3. Listening skills
  4. Looking after yourself and sharing information
  5. 5. Five ways to wellbeing

Further information can be found on this website:-

Mental Health Support in Schools Team

Paul Wilkinson & Lauren Mc Cormack are our Thought-full colleagues that we will be working closely with to deliver this training.

Mental Health Ambassador Training Application