At South Bersted Church of England Primary School, we strongly believe in building positive working relationships and working collaboratively to provide your child with the best education. To support your child’s progress we have selected a range of interactive games which can be found by visiting the Kid’s Zone.

A link to your child’s Active Learn and Times Tables Rock Stars account can also be found in the maths and grammar sections.

You will also find links to your child’s creative learning topic in the history, geography and science tiles.

In addition to this, by clicking the tabs on the right hand side you will also find links to your child’s Keys to Success and our reading bookmarks for each year group.

Home Learning Expectations:

Each Friday, pupils will receive their home learning with the expectation that it is handed in no later than Wednesday. Each week, pupils will receive a written task linked to a grammatical skill, a maths task and a whole school task.  There is also an expectation that your child will participate in the Times Table Rock Stars Battle or Numbots.

Home Learning Example

Pupils in Key Stage 1, will receive their home learning via Class Dojo.

Pupils in Key Stage 2, will receive their home learning via Google Classroom.

In Years 2 – 6, children receive 10 spellings each week and in Year 1 they will receive 6. All children are tested on their words on a Wednesday or Thursday. If they are able to spell a word correctly, pupils will receive a new word for the following week.

As a school, we recognise the importance of daily reading and encourage all children to read regularly. When listening to your child read, please write in their Reading Record. To support you in asking age appropriate questions, please use your child’s South Bersted Reading Book Mark. You can find recommended books on our Reading Suggestions page.

Pupils in Key Stage 2, also have access to Accelerated Reader

Daily Wednesday Friday
  • Reading
  • Counting and recall of times table facts
  • Practice spellings
  • Home learning is handed in
  • Weekly spelling test
  • Home Learning is handed out
  • Spellings, English and maths

How will my child access remote learning in the event of a closure/isolation?:

In the event an individual child, a class bubble, or indeed the whole school need to self-isolate for a period of time, we have a plan in place for remote learning so that all children can continue with their education.  Please click on the link below for more details regarding our remote learning procedures:

Blended Learning – Oct 2020

Creative Home Learning Projects:

Each half term, pupils are set the challenge of completing a Creative Home Learning Project. Over recent years, we have seen a number of wonderful creations which pupils have been proud to share with their peers.

To conclude each half term, we invite our families to a Home Learning Exhibition where pupils’ creations can be shared. The exhibitions, also provide a families with the opportunity to share in some of the learning that has taken place around each year groups BIG question.