Life in all its Fullness: John 10:10

At South Bersted Church of England Primary School, our Christian Ethos underpins all aspects of our school life and community. As part of the school’s vision, ‘we are committed to enriching pupils’ moral and spiritual development inspiring all to become caring, responsible 21st century global citizens.’

The School’s Values:

The school’s values, which were selected by the school community, are distinctly Christian and drive the school’s vision. A value is defined as ‘a principle that guides our thinking and behaviour,’ therefore at South Bersted, we want to know the impact that our daily Collective Worships and values have on our pupils. At the end of each half term, pupils are encouraged to use the ‘head, heart and feet’ approach to reflect on the impact of the value.

Below you can view the pupil evaluations for Creation, Justice, Koinonia, Friendship and Endurance:

Head, Heart and Feet: Creation

Head, Heart and Feet: Justice

Head, Heart and Feet: Koinonia

Head, Heart and Feet: Friendship

Head, Heart and Feet: Endurance

Head, Heart and Feet: Reverence

The school’s vision is promoted through collective worships with links to the school’s values, the teachings of Jesus and the Bible, and P4C. Collective Worships are led by staff, clergy, pupils and various visitors whose Christian backgrounds and life experiences link to the school’s vision and values.

Promoting Pupils’ Spirituality:

In developing pupils’ spirituality, our curriculum is focused around BIG questions with the key aim of providing pupils with the opportunity to respond to their learning and display what they have learnt. Through our use of big questions, our Philosophy for Children (P4C) approach, our clear links to the Christian Aid Global Citizenship Calendar, we aim to raise pupils’ awareness of national and global issues encouraging them to become advocates for positive change. Where appropriate, teachers plan opportunities for pupils to develop their courageous advocacy where pupils have the opportunity to look beyond themselves and develop an understanding of disadvantage, deprivation and the exploitation of the natural world.

Through our strong links with our local church, St Mary Magdalene, and the Christian Aid Calendar we provide our pupils with the opportunity to lead, attend and participate in a range of worships.

Armistice Day

Fair Trade



Easter and the flowering of the cross

Year 6 Leavers’ Service

Prayer at South Bersted Church of England School:

At South Bersted, we believe in providing pupils the opportunity to ask their own questions, write their own prayers or have moments of reflections and quiet through both our indoor and outdoor prayer spaces. Through our school values, we also provide pupils with the opportunity to engage in activities linked to our half termly values.

In addition to this, we also organise whole school prayer spaces in conjunction with the local church. Each year, the church holds a prayer space that members of the school community attend.

As well as engaging in prayer during Collective Worship, pupils also have the opportunity to visit an indoor and outdoor prayer space within the school. Pupils are encouraged to visit the prayer spaces to reflect on personal, local or national events. In addition to this, each week pupils create a class prayer based on the four reasons we prayer (to praise, ask, say sorry and for guidance and support). In line with our vision, the prayers provide the opportunity for pupils to reflect on local, national and international events.

In line with our vision and values, members of the School Council created a school prayer.

Linked to our whole school values, South Bersted’s School Council have written a whole school prayer. This prayer is often read by staff and pupils’ during our Friday Collective Worship.

South Bersted School Prayer

SIAMs Inspection:

SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection plays an important role in the improvement of Church schools. It does this by affirming that which is effective and by highlighting key areas for improvement. By focusing on impact above all else, SIAMS explores ways in which each school’s theologically rooted Christian vision drives the work, and enables the school to live up to its foundation as a Church school.

SIAMS inspectors will explore with school and trust leaders how they understand the specific context of the school, and whether they know how to respond to it theologically. Local, diocesan, and national expertise will help school and trust leaders to explore this, so that they can be confident in answering three key questions:

1. Who are we as a school?

2. What are we doing here?

3. How, then, shall we live and learn together?

ABCD Deanery Group:

We are a group of Church schools who work closely together and serve one another for the good of all our children and the wider school community.

Please use the link below to find out about our deanery vision.

ABCD Deanery Group Vision Statement.195298873