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The Governors of South Bersted CE Primary School

South Bersted CE Primary School is supported by a Governing Body of thirteen people who come from all walks of life and bring many different skills and experiences to the role. What unites us is a desire to see the best for the school of which we are all very proud.

We passionately believe that our children must have the very best education and enrichment we can offer so they eventually leave school with some real choices to make about their future jobs, careers, further education and life style.

As a Voluntary Aided Church school, our School governors have general responsibility to parents, the Diocese and the Local Authority for the effective management of the school, acting within the framework set by national legislation and the policies of the Church of England and the Local Authority

Governors advise and support the headteacher and staff, working with the school to meet the needs of the children whilst ensuring that the school provides good value for money. They help the Headteacher in the selection of staff and act as a link between the school and the community

About the Governing Body

The Governors at South Bersted CE Primary School each hold office for an agreed period of time of at least four years. The Governing Body, with the advice of the Headteacher, decide school policies and are responsible for all aspects of the running of the school. The Governors have specific responsibilities to ensure statutory requirements are met and to oversee the maintenance of the site.

Who we are

Local Authority Governors appointed by the West Sussex County Council
Parent Governors elected by the parents of pupils attending the school
Staff Governors elected by the school staff
Foundation Governors nominated by St Mary Magdalene Church
Co-opted Governors appointed by the Governing Body
Associate Governor (non-voting) appointed by the Governing Body

What we do:

Governors work as a team, in the best interests of the children and the school, to raise educational standards and ensure everyone within the school community is safe. The Headteacher is an important part of the team.


  • are accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • plan the school’s future direction
  • appoint the Headteacher
  • make decisions on the school’s budget and staffing
  • make sure the National Curriculum is taught and agree the Statutory Attainment Targets.
  • agree policies about how the Governing Body and the school work
  • decide how the school can encourage pupil’s spiritual, moral and social development
  • make sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs
  • monitor the outcomes of pupils to ensure wherever possible they achieve their academic, personal and social best
  • support and challenge the Headteacher and staff by gathering views, asking questions and deciding what is best for the school.

How we work:

The Governing Body meets formally at least once a month.

Governors perform their role by:

  • Attending meetings
  • Receiving written briefings, reports and presentations from the Headteacher and his colleagues
  • Discussing and debating key issues and data
  • Visiting the school regularly , including undertaking a specific role as a link governor
  • Meeting with parents and staff – both informally and formally
  • Undertaking regular training courses pertinent to Effective Governance
  • Networking with other Governing Body groups within the locality

Feedback from/to Parents:

Governors formally report to parents through the school newsletter.

Additionally, Governors also attend the Parent Teacher consultation evenings held in the autumn and spring terms each year as well as the summer term Open Evening. We also support the school by attending school trips and events

We are always keen to hear the view of parents – please feel able to tell us what you think at any time.

There are three ways to contact us:

i) Post a note/comment into the Parent’s suggestion box at the main school entrance
ii) Email us via our Clerk:
iii) Contact us via the School office

Please note; if you wish to contact the Governing Body on a confidential matter, please address your initial correspondence in writing to the Chair of Governors via the Clerk to the Governors.

Prospective Parents:

The best way to find out more about South Bersted CE Primary School is to come and visit. We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about what is happening.  To arrange your informal visit please contact the School Office.

At South Bersted CE Primary School there are many people involved in ensuring that our school continues to thrive.

The Governors would like to express their thanks to:

  • our staff for their continued commitment to the school
  • our pupils for all their hard work
  • our parents and carers for their support and feedback
  • our volunteers for all the time they freely give that makes a huge difference

Safer Recruitment:

South Bersted CE Primary School rigorously applies the Safer Recruitment procedures. All appointments undergo an Enhanced DBS and references are sought and verified before interview. Our Whistleblowing Policy supports a culture of vigilance for the safety of all our pupils.