At South Bersted Church of England Primary School we have recently introduced the peer mentoring scheme to ensure all children have enjoyable, safe and happy break times. Peer mediators are children who are available to organise games and support other children in their game play.

During the Autumn Term, pupils in Years 5 and 6 applied to be peer mediators and received training on how to resolve conflict and support younger pupils in building positive relationships.

There are many benefits to having trained peer mentors at our school:

  • development of pupils’ social skills,
  • an increase of pupils’ self-esteem,
  • pupil empowerment and the teaching of emotional intelligence.

Each half term, the peer mediators meet and discuss new activities that they would like to lead.

I enjoy interacting with younger children! It’s not just me teaching them new things, but I also learn a lot from them!”

When we did the training we learnt lots of new games and how to interact and listen to younger children. When listening to a younger child, it is important to speak to them at their eye level so you don’t intimidate them.

It’s really helping me and the other children to make more friends.”

Doing the weekly scavenger hunt helps the children to work with each other in searching for different insects and flowers.”